For payments we only use crypto payments because we sell casino products. If you don't have crypo and pay using a credit card you can use Binance by Clicking Here. There are two ways to payment software: through the aggregator or by transferring funds to our cryptocurrency wallet in Bitcoin.

Available methods:

  • VISA / MC card; (Binance))
  • Crypto.

For installation assistance, installation process takes 15-30 minutes and custom 3 days.

For the installation or costum casino process, minimum payment is 70% first to ensure we work according to order. The work process takes 3 days (CUSTOM), once the script is 80% ready we will provide an admin login via our server to test features, bugs or other additions. Once you say OK DONE via live chat support, Pay the rest and we will provide the complete script along with setup guide (PDF) and API

Requirements require a password and root server ID and a minimum of 4GB RAM, for installation we do recommend a minimum of 200gb server disk space (preferably 400gb+) in order prevent lags and slow response plus room for backups and future updates.