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Start your online casino business with the most trusted and experienced casino game developers in 2024. Our provided open source Online Casino Script and Sports Betting Script is independent and works without any hassle. We are known for having the best PHP casino script that helps you reach your business goals. provider of Online Casino Scripts Full Source Code and Sports Betting Software Website, best site to buy casino scripts and betting scripts provider in 2024.

Casino Software Platform

Online Casino Software

Our platform represents the backbone of all of our solutions. It can be purchased with a single domain license and with a part of the code encrypted or you can buy it with full access to the source codes.


Crypto Casino

You can run an online Crypto Casino with any currency and our games can display that currency when being played, up to 5 characters.


Integrate CASINO Games Via API

Analyzing negative materials about your brand and addressing them with sentiment analysis and press release distribution.

The online Casino Script built with the help of the latest technology available to ensure flawless work and optimum results. The platform is flexible and can be modified and changed anytime according to the requirements of the clients. Being a one stop game development company, we have an open source casino script to create feature-rich games for our clients.

OnlineCasinoScripts has a wide range of services support systems that can meet the needs and requirements of the fast-growing Casino Gaming sector. Our developers use many top-notch technologies for PHP casino script to make sure that our clients get the best deals at affordable prices.

Turnkey Casino Software Website

Online Casino Software Platform

Our turnkey casino software platform (casino script) is the culmination of 13 years of study. We understand what an iGaming operator requires to be successful, and we designed the ideal collection of features to meet those objectives. The Casino Infinitum Gaming Software has been validated by BMM TestLabs to verify that it meets the most stringent industry criteria, the GLI-19 requirements.

The casino software you purchase will be hosted on your server, with no reliance on our availability or servers. You may modify your casino at any moment without our interference. Your casino will operate autonomously for many years. You will have complete access to the database and data, but a portion of the code will be encrypted (contact us for complete code access).

It has been developed to be used mostly with our games, but we can also integrate games from other casino providers into it, if you already have a contract with them. Our platform can be used to run an online casino in any country/jurisdiction (you may need a gambling license). Our turnkey PHP casino script can be installed in less than 24 hours on a server.

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Online Casino Software Provider is a leading iGaming developer in 2024, offering clients turnkey and white label casino solutions, all top game providers under a single integration, licensing and banking solutions, and more.

Casino Scripts Full Source Code

Online Casino Scripts

The #1 Marketplace for buy Betting scripts and Casino scripts full source code websites. Online Casino Scripts is the largest marketplace to buy casino script and betting script websites in 2024. Start your search or get a valuation today.  You may start your completely functional online casino and betting website right away with the popular and complete open source code sports betting and crypto casino scripts offered in our trusted online shop. Best prices on casino and betting scripts online. full download, no hidden fees. Start your own betting and casino website easy.

Turnkey Casino Software Platform

The online casino software that we have created (also known as the Casino Management Platform) was built to provide all the required tools for any person that wants to create and manage an online casino.

The first thing we had in mind when developing our product was security and scalability (we wanted our casino software to handle the growing amount of users and gameplays at any online casino that uses our platform). By doing a fast search on Google, you will find that PHP is used by more than 80% of the online websites today (including Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo), a very important detail which convinced us to use it for our platform. Along with MySQL, one of the best database scripting languages, we managed to put together a system which is not only secure and scalable, but it is also very easy to use and offers many features for managing an online casino. We are working on our online casino software ever since was launched, in 2009. We have made many improvements to the platform by periodically optimizing its source code, implementing new features and making sure its functionality and security are flawless, so that today we can call it a complete casino software solution. Even so, the platform is still improved and monitored daily, in order to compete with the best casinos.

Our online casino software comes with a fully detailed documentation file, which will guide the casino owner to install the platform, configure it and easily manage it. The documentation also offers details for further development using the source code which will be provided upon purchase.

You will find out that our platform is not just a complete casino software solution, but it is also a very profitable management option. It can be used to track the payout of the games in real-time, the revenue of agents and to monitor all the profit generated by the casino. We do not ask for any monthly shares from the profit you will gain by using our management platform. If you buy our casino software, you will have full control over your casino (control your profit by adjusting the symbol distribution and paytable values and the payout percentage), as well as full privacy. Check out our full source online casino script features:

Why Choose OnlineCasinoScripts?

Online Casino Scripts acts as a one-stop-shop for all your business needs, offering the best value for money on the market and providing modular and scalable solutions tailored to its clients’ objectives, delivered rapidly and efficiently.

Free business consultations

Free business consultations

Personalized approach to every client

Unified and stable API

Unified and stable API

Maximize development efficiency

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Get your project launched in several days

Cost-effective pricing

Cost-effective pricing

Economize on initial investment

Technical support 24/7

Technical support 24/7

Delegate project maintenance to us

Personal account management

Personal account management

Boost revenues with expert insights

Open Source Casino Script For A Casino Business

Online Casino Scripts

Online Casino Security

We build a secure Casino script. We integrated encryption technology with our open source casino script, which means that other people can’t track information and money transactions between owner and customers.

Online Casino Software Solutions

Our developers develop multiple online casino software for various casino games types. They programmed the PHP casino script for the admin to disable the game, create rewards, change the rules, and alter configurations in real-time.

Online Randomizer Software

We help you to integrate and develop reliable Random Number Generator logic for gaming as well as build payout tables, calculation engines, game rule parameters, bonus round formulas, data encryption, and algorithms with our open source casino script.

Online Casino Script Solutions

We help you to build a Casino in which users can play various games at once and also choose the autoplay option with our PHP casino script. Casino Script automatically implements QA game logic through program automation testing cases.

Online Casino Payment Software

Our dedicated developers create online casino payment software using our open source casino script that facilitates personalized and interactive player portals with payment gateway integration.

Online Casino Design

Our game designers create stunning 2D and 3D game skins and also integrate game designs seamlessly with existing gaming technology with our PHP casino script . They make designs for the slot machines, time gaming, video poker, table games, live dealers, and progressive jackpots, etc.

Sports Betting Clone Script Full Source Code

Sports Betting Scripts

Buy Sports Betting Scripts

Do you want a ready-made sports betting clone script? Don't worry, we've got you covered at Online Casino Scripts! Create a sports betting website such to Betfair, Drafting, and Bet365 to provide customers with more engaging gambling options. Our skilled team of professional and proficient developers blend the best-in-class technologies and processes to create responsive betting clone scripts that will assist you in quickly launching your business.

We have you covered, whether you are a startup or an established firm, with our next-level betting systems that are developed with accuracy. We provide innovative, user-friendly, and technologically advanced sportsbook clone scripts that allow no opportunity for flaws or faults.

Selecting the Best Buy sports betting clone script development business may be a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. Because millions of individuals are interested in sports betting and want to wager from the comfort of their own homes, starting a betting company is becoming increasingly popular. In that situation, you may work with our sports betting clone script game creators to acquire feature-rich and helpful betting solutions.

We guarantee complete satisfaction with our tailored solutions. We provide a wide range of cutting-edge game clone script writing services with user-friendly features that may significantly improve the client experience. Our professionals have a strong grasp on developing customer-friendly and secure betting systems. As the best sports betting clone script development company, we cover a wide range of betting games in our sportsbook solutions. Here is the list of games we include:

Bespoke Gambling Solutions

Online Casino Scripts develops innovative iGaming software products for online casino, sports betting, and beyond. Our products can be delivered as standalone solutions or combined into a single iGaming Platform.

Turnkey online casino solution

Turnkey online casino solution

A technical online casino solution with integrated games, payment systems, and a variety of other modules.

Telegram Casino

Telegram Casino

Alternative casino frontend with a fully equipped platform run through the Telegram app.

White Label casino

White Label casino

A ready-to-launch platform complete with player support and our Curaçao sublicense.



Sports betting platform powered by customizable software and a wide range of sports data feeds.

Crypto casino

Crypto casino

A casino platform with cryptocurrency support — and every module needed for operation — already integrated.

Casino API

Casino API

Unified solution which aggregates game content from over 100 licensed, leading developers.

We Work With Professional Api Providers For Highest Quality

We provide the most trusted and fully working casino & betting scripts custom developed for quick and easy deployment when you are looking to create your own online casino and betting website to target any region of your choise with real money deposits, cryptocurrencies or virtual credits. We have been working and developing online gambling software for more then 10 years and we know what player wants and which kind of casino script and betting software will work for you to attract players in the most simple and effortless way right from the start so you can focus on instant income revenue with the right marketing methods.

Buy betting scripts in our shop and feel free to browse around our demos and send a message in our live chat for additional support. We also have an excellent selection of professional casino systems, Buy casino scripts from us also allows you to have free support and installation service and if needed we are always here for any custom modifications such as adding additional payment gateways, games or a new custom design just to mention a few popular requests from our clients. We do any customization to our betting scripts at resonable costs with quick and bug-free results. It have never been easier to start and build your own online betting empire then today because we offer ready to go online betting scripts that was created with simplicity in mind for you to install and customize your own betting website and even if you don´t might have any programmer available or perhaps programming skills to do your own customizations, rest asure that we are always here available on standby for any customizations you might need. Browse around our website and read up on all the different casino scripts and feel free to compare the different ones.

Buy casino scripts with confident and get in touch with us for additional support, guidance or if you simply just wan´t to talk about how our casino scripts can help you grow your income revenue. 
In general when you decide to start your own casino website, the higher price of your selected casino system the better quality and this is exactly what you should look for in our shop as we offer simple and easy to manage casino scripts starting from only $49. With this said, there are lots of sucess stories from our clients who achieved great success from a casino script under $100 The easy part is to buy your casino and betting website and make it the most attractive and powerful system your potential players have ever seen, the next part is to push traffic to it and generate deposits from new players and if needed, we have a marketing team ready to assist with any marketing campaign for real and genuine gambling traffic.

Why Choose Us for Casino Script?

We assure the most reliable and self-depended casino script for the client’s business. We have prepared our platform to tackle all kinds of real-time problems that often take place. We believe in customer satisfaction with the work not only with the words. While preparing the client’s casino script, we provide transparent and direct communication with the developers so they can understand the client’s requirements. Our offered online script works even smarter with time as equipped with upgradeable developing language. We provide an affordable price as compared to any other online casino script provider in the industry.

Being a customer-oriented firm, we believe in providing no questionable service with all possible efforts. We not only deliver the quality casino script on demand but also promise to keep it that way. We assure the implementation of every asked modification or change in the online casino script while developing from the client’s side. We make sure our client gets 24-hour support from our dedicated technical team to maintain the casino script working without any breakdown. In case of any problem in the performance of the casino script, our team will give instant support with the solution.

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